Who We Are

Headquartered in New York, Global Earth USA, is an internationally integrated network of nearly 1,000 professionals that form a consortium whose collective experience and intelligence sum up to thousands of years.

Global Earth USA consortium members, partners, and associates own and-or operate companies all around the world. From the Americas and Europe to Far East Asia, Africa and the GCC – we have performed as investors, principal consultants, and project managers.

A private equity firm with the mandate to invest in high-potential opportunities, Global Earth USA in spirit is an “accelerator and deal boutique” that is capable to act globally and swell as large as the job dictates

Global Earth USA organization and its members’ expertise and broad geographic reach encompass a very diverse array of industries and disciplines.

What We Do


As an early-stage capital firm, Global Earth USA's approach is personal and innovative. With over 20 years of experience, we identify and invest in visionary entrepreneurs who are transforming the world through their ideas. Our focus on philanthropic endeavors, humanitarian causes, and preservation sets us apart from traditional investors, and our unwavering commitment to breaking the mold and driving breakthroughs makes us a trusted partner for those seeking impactful and innovative solutions. Read More


As an early-stage investment firm, Global Earth USA focuses on forward-thinking, sustainable and proven organizations. Our aim on growth and innovation allows us to identify opportunities in emerging markets and support companies just starting out. Our investment philosophy is focused on creating value for our clients by investing in promising companies that have the potential to drive meaningful impact and growth. Read More


When “wearing a hat” of a private sector and global infrastructure development bank, Global Earth USA provides subject matter expertise and financial support to our strategic partners and investors. Our in-depth industry knowledge and experienced, collaborative teams deliver outstanding results, empowering communities and driving growth. Read More


When acting in the capacity of a principal, or advisor and coordinator, in international transactions, Global Earth USA leverages its expertise and hands-on approach to provide comprehensive support to its partners and clients. From initial sourcing of commodities and products to final delivery and payment, we guide and support the entire process. Our extensive network of suppliers and buyers, along with our in-depth understanding of international trade laws and regulations, enable us to smoothly navigate the complexities of these transactions. Read More

How We Do It

Global Earth USA engages its operational, industry and functional resources, identifies and assesses key deal drivers and focuses on the root causes of any critical deal issues.

Global Earth USA team of diverse experts always works hand-in-hand, fully realizing that no two customer engagements are the same. We establish a truly customized solution, design pathway, and optimize results.

Global Earth USA experts treat each challenge as an opportunity, utilizing out-of-the-box mentality, innovative thinking and creative problem-solving strategies.


Guided by compassion for people and a commitment to progress, to empower the global community through cost-effective and safe breakthroughs in countries, companies and technologies.


To enable companies and organizations to reach their full potential by providing comprehensive support through funding, project management, educational, operational, and quality programs