What We Do


As an early-stage capital firm, Global Earth USA, uses a personal approach to identify and invest in visionaries with transformative ideas. While we focus on philanthropic endeavors, humanitarian causes and preservation, breaking the mold and creating breakthroughs are our primary drivers for over 20 years. Read More


As an early-stage investment firm, Global Earth USA invests in sustainable, forward-looking organizations, that adhere to proven business strategies. We support growth and seed innovations. We are not afraid to go to emerging markets and fund companies that just starting to get their feet wet. Read More


When “wearing a hat” of a private sector and global infrastructure development bank, Global Earth USA performs as a monetary institution that provides subject matter expertise via consultancy management teams. We operate with in-depth industry knowledge and provide an experienced, collaborative teams to that deliver outstanding results for our strategic partners, investors, and communities. Read More


Acting in the capacity of a principal, or an advisor and coordinator in international transactions, Global Earth USA delivers expert guidance and support, taking a hands-on approach from initial sourcing of commodities and products to final delivery and payment. Our vast network of suppliers and buyers, combined with our thorough understanding of international trade laws and regulations, allows us to navigate the complexities of these transactions with ease. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring smooth and successful transactions for our partners and clients, allowing them to focus on their core business while we handle the details, including negotiations, documentation, and logistics. Read More

Private Sectors

At Global Earth USA, we are implementation specialists with monetary, economic, infrastructure, and geopolitical policy initiatives and programs. Global Earth USA has the financial capability itself and through its partners to invest and finance the policy plans of our clients by providing sophisticated liquidity solutions to banks, and non-bank financial institutions.

Sovereign, and Government Entities

Global Earth USA delivers a diverse mixture of compelling financial solutions, advisory services, with policy-based solutions to sovereign, and state-owned enterprises, across the international landscape.

Infrastructure, Economic and Social Markets

Global Earth USA structures, finances and develops plan for infrastructure and real estate assets by bridging the gap between the public authorities and financing requirements. We can deliver long-term infrastructure assets and services, by providing private sector developers and private capital.

Project Management

Global Earth USA’s approach to managing projects is effective planning and risk mitigation, which leads to overall efficiency and accelerated development timelines for our clients.
Our Staff are well-versed in managing Projects with assigned subject matter experts to each project.

Project Management Options

We offer flexibility to offer an array of contracting options for project management to our partners including:
A-la-carte services Blended models Project Management Framework, Project Team Charter, Responsibility Matrix Table, Project Management Plan, Communication Plan, Escalation Plan, Risk Mitigation Plan, Monitoring Plan, Risk Escalation Plan

Global Trade

Global Earth USA's extensive network of suppliers and buyers provides a reliable source of supply and demand for various commodities and products. Whether we act as principals or advisors, our expert guidance and support throughout the entire process, knowledge of international trade laws and regulations, and ability to navigate transactional complexities minimize risks and ensure success.

Our Roadmap to Project Success

Identify Strong Validated Scientific Rationale
Project Development
  • Risk Mitigation Profile
  • Recognized Experts
  • Analyze structure
  • Discuss feasibility
  • Adopt External Perspective
  • Adopt an Outward, Top-Down, Market-Driven Perspective
Establish Early Partnerships
Early Developmental
  • Broader pool of technical expertise, skills, and networks
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Enable Rapid Discovery
  • Drive Commercialization
  • Foster Innovations
  • Overall Risk Mitigation
Set Clear Value Inflection Points
Inflection Points
  • Identify Key Inflection Points for Investors, and Community
  • Press Releases
  • Publications
  • Scientific Meetings if needed
  • Two-Way Communication with Partners
  • Secure Early Strategic Collaborations
  • Pursue Key Partnerships
  • Maintain Quality Management
  • Validate Your Investment Thesis
  • Have Project Data Review and Implement Change as Needed