Scott Johnson

Special Advisor

Scott Johnson has been an active community member of Las Vegas since 1991. Scott is a
graduate from the University of Arkansas Fayetteville with a BS in construction management and was the recipient of the Transition Retention Minority Engineering Scholarship; awarded to
outstanding students in the state of Arkansas.

With Scott’s extensive experience in standardized heavy industrial construction, he has worked with some of the top companies in the industry overseeing and building state of the art fertilizer and industrial manufacturing construction plants.

Scott’s specialty in greenfield plant construction allows him to lead the manufacturing and process of the project while guiding his team of qualified industrial subcontractors to lead in
their own respect, focusing on operations, strategic planning initiatives, contracting strategy,
performance and program management. Scott excels in his aptitude of leadership and is highly skilled within the fertilizer industry. His ability to collaborate among all parties in the construction process of the plant project, from stakeholders, engineers and contractors through the completion of the project remains unmatched.

Having now been involved in the state of Nevada construction industry for over 30 years Scott has had the opportunity to work on a broad scope of both private and public construction as well as infrastructure projects. These projects include 24 years as the construction and project manager of the Richardson Construction Company.

Scott’s current position as president of the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge LLC has allowed him the
opportunity to work on historical projects of great magnitude. Scott has utilized this opportunity to continue to fight for the heritage and community prosperity of Las Vegas through his persistent pursuit of the iconic Moulin Rouge Hotel and Casino. This project will grant Las Vegas a huge employment influx and expansion of the social economic status of the community. Scott continues his pursuit of the realization of the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge project and has shown his ability to persevere, overcome challenges and withstand public and private scrutiny.